Money Market Savings

High-yield. Low Stress.

The Money Market savings account gives you more. Earn a higher interest rate while still having access to your money when you need it.

  • No minimum balance to open
  • The account begins earning interest at $2,500
  • Up to six withdrawals per month without penalty
  • Interest paid monthly, computed on the average daily balance.

If you are interested in opening a Money Market Savings account, chat with one of our experts today!

Last Updated: May 1, 2021
Money Market ($2,500 – $9,999) 0.15% APR 0.15% APY
Money Market ($10,000 – $49,999) 0.25% APR 0.25% APY
Money Market ($50,000 – $99,999) 0.35% APR 0.35% APY
Money Market ($100,000+) 0.50% APR 0.50% APY

APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates Subject to Change

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Savings Calculator

How much will my savings be worth?

Enter the Initial Investment: $
Enter the Monthly Deposit: $
Enter the Annual Interest Rate: %
Enter the Number of Months: #

Future Value: $
Interest Earned: $
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