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Banking made easy - even if you're far from home.
Have you ever found yourself panicking because you need to make a transaction, but are miles away from a Community West branch? We offer not one but TWO shared branching networks that allow you to perform a range of transactions at other credit unions. The best part - it's a free benefit for all our members!

Co-Op Shared Branch LogoCO-OP Shared Branch Network

Visit over 5,300 branches from coast to coast. With more than 2,000 self-serve locations, and over 30,000 ATM locations covering all 50 states, you'll never be too far away from access! Use any of the options below to find a CO-OP Shared Branch near you:


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Mobile App

Download the app here:
iPhone or Android.



Search to find
nearby ATM locations.


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Call 888-748-3266 to
locate locations by phone.



Text a ZIP Code to 91989
to find nearby locations.



Xtend Shared Branching LogoXtend Shared Branch Network

Xtend Shared Branching gives you convenient access to your credit union accounts at over 350 credit union locations. Learn more about what can be done at an Xtend Shared Branch and additional information.



Requirements for Shared Branch Transactions:

  • Provide your home credit union's name
  • Provide your account number
  • Provide a valid government (issued photo identification, i.e., State Driver's License or US Passport)

At ANY Shared Branching location, you can:

  • Check or cash deposits
  • Make a loan payment
  • Withdraw or transfer funds
  • Account statements
  • Cash checks
  • Cashier's checks and money orders
  • Cash advance

Transactions not supported through Shared Branching:

  • Account maintenance or research
  • Certificate transactions
  • IRA, HSA, and SEP transactions
  • Release of Lien
  • Remote deposit checks endorsed with "For mobile deposit only at XXX"