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Explore the path to financial independence.
An Explorer Checking account is a fundamental financial tool for introducing youth and young adult members to money management. This account allows your child to make deposits into their account and withdraw cash for spending or making payments. By having an Explorer Checking, they also have greater access to their money with a debit card and online services. Other benefits of opening a checking account for teens with Community West include:

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Online banking and mobile app with check deposit capabilities
  • Simple, secure monitoring with eStatements/eNotices

Did you know young adults and teens can earn interest through their Explorer Checking? They must complete the financial education brochure, use their debit card 10 times a month, and actively participate in online banking to qualify.

Please note: Explorer Checking accounts are available to members up to 24 years old, and current rates are subject to change.