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Take control of your cards with convenience at your fingertips. 
In the digital age, we frequently sacrifice convenience for security. At Community West Credit Union, we believe in secured banking made easy. With added security features and popular functions at your fingertips, you can take care of all of your important matters in mere seconds from anywhere at any time with peace of mind.

Simply register your card with our Card Management portal and CWCU Mobile App. You can see account details, get a 90 day transaction history, make payments, turn your cards on and off, dispute transactions, set alerts, and report your card as lost or stolen.

CWCU Cards Mobile App

At Community West, we provide convenient and secure debit and credit card management in the palm of your hand. With services like Activity Alerts and Travel Request Forms, you can easily manage your transactions from anywhere.

Installing the CWCU Cards Mobile App on your smartphone or other mobile device is like instantly upgrading your CWCU card account.

Credit Card Management

Convenient and secure credit card management that allows for enhanced viewing from your desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. With services like eStatements, external payment accounts, autopay, Activity Alerts, Travel Request Forms, and Dispute a Charge, you can easily manage your card transactions from anywhere. Enroll in the Card Management portal today and enjoy all the digital features Community West offers.

Card Controls

Life happens and sometimes you misplace your card for JUST a moment. You know it's around, but you aren't exactly sure where. That's where card controls can step in to help! Card Controls allow you to take control of your cards with alerts and the ability to lock and unlock your card when you've temporarily misplaced it.

Card Activity Alerts
Don't let a single swipe go unnoticed. With card activity alerts from Community West, you'll be notified via text message or email every time your card is swiped - making it easy to monitor card usage from wherever you are. You can choose to enable activity alerts such as transactions exceeding a certain amount, or purchases made online.

Lost or Stolen Card
If you believe you have temporarily misplaced your debit or credit card, you can "lock" your card using the lock feature in the CWCU Cards Mobile App. This feature is accessible by pressing the green lock icon on the image of your card in the app. Once you find your card, you can "unlock" the card by pressing the red lock icon on the image of the card.

To report a lost or stolen card, call 1-866-820-5878. You may also report your card lost or stolen using the CWCU Cards Mobile app.

Set Up Instructions

Setting up card controls is an essential step in managing your finances effectively and safeguarding your account from unauthorized transactions. Card controls offers a range of customizable features, allowing you to monitor transactions, set alert limits, and receive real-time alerts.

Card Controls FAQs

Navigating the world of card controls can sometimes be confusing, with various features and options available to enhance your financial security. To help you better understand and make the most of these tools, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about card controls.