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Consolidate and save - seamlessly.
Whether you are looking to consolidate debt, reduce the amount of interest paid, or simplify your financial management - a Balance Transfer may be the best solution for you!


What is a Balance Transfer?

A balance transfer is a type of credit card transaction that moves the balance from one or many account(s) to another. This transaction is often utilized by those who are paying down high-interest debt, and can help save you money!

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Balance Transfer Request

If you would like to transfer more than one balance, please just resubmit this form with new information.

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To ensure quick and accurate payment to your other credit card(s), please use the account number, card issuer name and address that is listed on that credit card statement/bill.
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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate and applies to balance transfers to a Community West Credit Union credit card from a non-Community West Credit Union credit card. Purchases and cash advances are excluded. Balance transfers are not eligible for CURewards®. Rates are based on creditworthiness and underwriting factors. Program rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change at anytime.