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Safeguard against fraud, ensuring peace of mind.
Fraud can happen to anyone, and when it affects you or someone you love, the impact can be overwhelming - both financially and emotionally. At Community West Credit Union, we offer a range of products and services to help minimize the impact of fraud. The earlier you're able to detect suspicious activity, the better. Discover how we help our members fight against fraud with a review of our account security options, or call us at 844-348-8960.


If You Believe You are a Victim of Fraud:

Whether you received a card alert for a purchase you didn't make, or notice something fishy on your eStatement, it's important to act quickly when it comes to any type of fraud. First, contact CWCU as soon as possible at 844-348-8960 to notify us about a disputed charge. We will open a fraud investigation, taking action promptly to prevent any further unusual activity and protect your account. If you've physically lost your card, it's also imperative that you contact us immediately to get a replacement.


Cards Alert IconCard Alerts

Don't let a single swipe go unnoticed. With card alerts from CWCU, you'll be notified every time that your card is used, making it easy to monitor card usage from wherever you are. You can choose an alert delivery method and trigger that meets your needs, such as transactions exceeding a certain amount or purchases made online.

Fraud Alert IconFraud Alerts

Help manage your account activity and quickly identify potentially fraudulent transactions. You'll receive notifications directly to your phone and can report suspicious activity on your account.

eStatementseStatement Icon

eStatements make it easy to monitor your account and quickly identify strange charges. Plus, eStatements are available four to six days earlier than traditional paper statements sent via the postal service. That means you'll be able to check your account information without delay.

eNotice and eAlert IconeNotices & eAlerts

Enroll in eNotices and eAlerts to receive CWCU notifications for certain banking transactions. For instance, you can set up an alert for when you receive credit union notices or account balance alerts when your balance goes above or below a certain amount.

IDProtectIDProtect Icon®

For just $3.00 a month, you can bring home peace of mind with IDProtect®, a personal identity theft monitoring and resolution service. Better protect yourself, your family, and your joint account owners.