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Young Adult Loans

Young adults face a number of expenses, from paying for college to transportation. Loans can be the best way to manage these costs but often require an established credit history that demonstrates the borrower’s ability to repay. At Community West Credit Union, we understand that it can be difficult for young people to access loans when they’re needed most. To help, we offer a variety of options with requirements tailored to the financial realities of young adults just starting out on their own. Apply online, call 844.348.8960 to speak with a representative, or visit one of our five locations for more information.

Why Choose Young Adult Loans?

Many young adults find it difficult to meet the typical qualifications to secure a loan. They need a credit history to get approval but also need to be approved for loans and credit cards to build a credit history. In some cases, it can feel impossible to get started.

To help, Community West offers young adult loans tailored to this exact situation which can assist borrows to build a positive credit history. Best of all, as a credit union member, you’ll enjoy all the other benefits associated with CWCU membership at the same time.

Our Young Adult Loans

Community West Credit Union provides four types of young adult loans to help finance important purchases and build credit. These include:

First Car Loans
Available to young adults who have never had a car payment, our first car loan offers competitive, flat annual percentage rates (APRs). Please note that you’ll need a co-signer to apply and there may be additional requirements based on your unique situation.

Tuition Loans
College is an important investment in your future but many students need help financing their education. To support area students in pursuit of higher education, Community West offers three tuition loans, each available with fixed payments. Tuition loans include:

  • Community West Tuition Loans
  • Credit Union Student Choice Tuition Loans
  • Credit Union Student Choice Refinance Loans

Laptop Loans
Whether you’re starting school next semester or starting a new job, dependable technology is a must. A laptop loan from Community West allows young adults to borrow up to $2,000 interest-free* for up to 24 months when they purchase** of a laptop, tablet, or similar device.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to change. APR may be higher depending on your application. Co-Signer may be required. **Buy your laptop computer or tablet and bring in the receipt within 30 days of purchase. Your account will be reimbursed for the amount. Maximum term is 24 months.

Note: Certain loans may have more requirements.

Credit Builder Loans
Strong credit is fundamental to financial well-being but it can be difficult for young people to attain and for other adults to retain good credit. Missed payments, high account balances, and lack of credit history may result in a lower credit score. To help, Community West’s credit builder loan offers a unique option to help improve or establish your credit profile.

Apply For a Loan Today

Community West Credit Union has been serving communities across West Michigan for over 50 years. We’re a not-for-profit credit union whose ultimate goal is ensuring our members achieve financial stability. We offer young adults a variety of loans to help them build their credit, invest in their financial future, and achieve their goals. Contact us today for more information about our loan options and the benefits you can expect when you’re a member of Community West Credit Union.

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