Friends around a campfire in front of a camper


A loan for your next adventure.
A camper, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, or other recreational vehicle (RV) can bring adventure and excitement to your list! At Community West, we are proud to offer RV loans to members throughout West Michigan to help attain the vehicles of their dreams - at prices that suit their financial situations. Learn what RV loans can be used towards and the advantages of financing with CWCU.

RVs We Cover:

Financing a large purchase makes it easier to manage the expenses of owning an RV and enjoying your newfound freedom on the open road or sailing the open waters. No matter what type of vehicle you with yo purchase, we have loans that suit an array of needs. Some of the most common Recreational Vehicles we finance include:

  • RVs and Campers: Upgrade from your tent and travel the state or the country in a cozy recreational vehicle or camper.
  • ATVs and Snowmobiles: If you are looking for a way to get around and want to have more fun doing it, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or snowmobile may be the idea solution. These versatile vehicles are perfect for all seasons, making for yearlong enjoyment.
  • Boats and Watercrafts: Those interested in riding the waves or taking a peaceful trip across still waters may seek a loan for a jet ski, pontoon boat, or another watercraft. You can use our RV loans to make a splash!
  • Motorcycles: Get pre-approved for a new or used motorcycle. At Community West, we can make the process simple to bring you one step closer to cruising down the open road.

Interested in securing a loan for a unique vehicle not mentioned here? Reach out to us to see if it qualifies for coverage. If the vehicle requires a title, we can help with that too!


What You Need to Apply:

Our online application makes it easy to provide all of the information required to review your loan request. Because there are different items needed for Members and Non-Members, we have created a quick checklist so you can be prepared!

Please Note: Existing and new members may be required to supply additional documentation upon request. We reserve the right to review these files before approving a loan application.