Get Paid Early with ACH on Demand

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Get Paid Early with ACH on Demand

What is ACH on Demand?

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is the system used to electronically transfer funds from one party to another (bank-to-bank). These transfers allow safe and secure online money transfers, such as receiving paychecks, pension, and tax refunds. Most transfers are processed in one business day, making this financial option a quick and cost-effective solution when you find yourself in a pinch and still days away from payday.

Fun Fact: more people than ever are taking advantage of ACH transactions. In Q3 2023, Nacha (governing body of the ACH Network) reported 7.8 billion payments (a 3% increase from Q3 2022).


Pros and Cons of ACH On Demand


  • Online transactions are quick, easy, and secure.
  • Typically provides same-day transactions.
  • Now available internationally.


  • Financial institutions may limit the amount per transaction, requiring you to complete multiple transactions.
  • Fees/charges are typically incurred to post transactions.


How to Request an Early Deposit

  1. Log in to online or mobile banking.
  2. Select the account your direct deposit is linked to.
  3. Select ACH Transactions
  4. Eligible deposits will show under “Pending ACH Transactions.”
  5. Select the ACH Transaction you would like to post by clicking “Post Now”
  6. Select the account to pay the transaction fee. Click “Accept Fee and Post”
    1. If you do not have available funds to cover the transaction, please call us at 616-261-5657.


*A $10 processing charge will be applied to post your early transaction. Direct Deposit and earlier availability of funds are subject to the timing of payer’s funding, and credit union approval. Some direct deposit types are not eligible. Requests per Direct Deposit must be made within online banking or by contacting the credit union. Funds must be available in your account to request in online banking, otherwise you must contact the credit union.