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Simplify your finances.
If you're juggling multiple forms of debt, consider consolidating them into one. Community West Credit Union offers debt consolidation services for members who are looking for an easier way to manage their finances. Contact us for more information about debt consolidation.


How Debt Consolidation Works

Many people are faced with debt. For some, consolidation is a great option because it combines all eligible debts into one balance. If you owe money to multiple credit card companies, you can consolidate these amounts into a single sum via a balance transfer. However, we recognize this option isn't for everyone. The number of debt sources you have and their terms, as well as your income and credit score, are all factors considered to find the best solution for you and your finances.


Benefits of Debt Consolidation

For Community West members, there are a ton of advantages to consolidating your debt, including:

  • Make one payment instead of making payments to multiple creditors
  • Pay less overall with a lower interest rate
  • Payoff period is shortened
  • Fixed monthly payment helps making managing finances easier

There are several different ways to consolidate debt - we'd love to walk you through all of your options!