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We believe that open communication is vital for fostering strong relationships with our members by keeping them informed. These communications include blogs, quarterly newsletters, and press releases - all made available as a resource to enhance the member experience.


Our blogs serve as a valuable resource for members, providing insights into financial literacy, tips for managing personal finances, increasing awareness of common scams, and the best ways to use our services and products. We are committed to empowering our members to make informed financial decisions.


We release a quarterly newsletter to our membership to keep our members informed about upcoming limited-time offers, relevant scam awareness topics, partnership news, and upcoming community involvement opportunities. We strive to keep our members updated on The Current happenings at CWCU!

Press Releases

Press releases are an essential tool for communicating important information to our members, the media, and the public. Typically, press releases provide details regarding new services, financial products, community initiatives, or significant organizational changes. We are committed to an open relationship with our members by maintaining transparency and keeping them informed.