Community West is honoring those who have served in the Armed Services with a digital display in our branches this month.  If you or your loved one has served or is currently serving, we would appreciate it if you would provide us with a service photo, name, branch of the military, and years of service.  Please send to: or bring to any branch and we will add to our display.


Mary Sullivan from our Tradewinds branch shares why honoring veterans is so important to her.

“As a young child, I remember playing with my dad’s World War II Army hat and looking through photo albums from his time in New Guinea and the Philippines.  When I was sixteen, I can recall vividly the day my brother received orders for Vietnam. It was one month after the birth of his first child.

I have always had respect for our military veterans. After all, my husband, dad and brother all proudly served.  It was not until my son enlisted in the Navy and served aboard a fast attack submarine that I saw, through a mother’s eyes, the sacrifice that these young men and women make for our country on a daily basis.

Even now, my son-in-law is currently serving his tenth year in the Navy submarine service. I see the courage it takes and the sacrifices that he, my daughter, and grandsons make during the times of duty at sea and long deployments.

I am truly grateful to all of America’s veterans, not just on November 11th , but every day.  Because, to me, it’s personal. It’s about family.”

Mary’s story here is a great example as to why we are celebrating Veterans Day at Community West Credit Union.

Community West is supporting the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans this holiday season. How can you help? Donate $1 (or more) and receive a name card to honor or remember those who are serving or have served in the armed forces.  Fill in the name of your loved one and the cards will be on display at CWCU branches. All cash collected will be used to purchase items requested by the GR Veterans Home.


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