A strong password is a crucial step in keeping your private information, well private. Passwords that are too simple, too short, or use easy to find information, like your birthday, can be easily hacked. So what type of passwords should you use?

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1. Have a password you can easily remember
2. Keep your passwords unique for each site/account
3. Use a variety of letters, numbers, and special characters
4. Change your passphrases periodically

Examples of strong passwords/passphrases:
“It is raining cats and dogs!”  =  1ts rAIn1NG cts&DGS!
“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall”  =  humTdum+ $@t 0nAw@11
“Pass Go and Collect $200”  =  p@$$GOandCLCt$200

Try creating your own!

1. Make passwords too short (fewer than 8 characters)
2. Use personal information like birthdates or names
3. Make passwords easy to guess like “Password123”
4. Share your passwords

Avoid using phrases like:

If you think your passwords may be too short or too easy to detect, try creating a new, creative passphrase for an extra level of security!

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