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We know the housing market is making it harder and harder for you to find your client’s dream home. When you can’t find “The One,” turn to another option– a land loan with Community West Credit Union!

Acquiring land can open the door for endless possibilities. Your client can use their land loan to build their own dream home; turn the land into their own recreational playground for hunting and farming; or build their own storage space for oversized belongings such as boats, campers, ORVs, machinery, and more!

Land loans are offered as mortgages with flexible terms and a fixed rate, providing your client with predictable payments every month. Additional features include:

Your clients will benefit from local decision-making services and personalized attention. Community West focuses on members by offering fewer fees, better rates, and individualized care.

Once land is secured, consider a construction loan to build the home of your client’s dreams! The loan can cover most building costs, then convert to a fixed-rate mortgage– meaning less stress and fewer fees!

At Community West Credit Union, we guide home buyers through the process with a range of mortgage services that help them purchase their first home or upgrade to a dream property. As a member-owned, not-for-profit organization, we’re fully invested in our communities and proudly provide several mortgage options and resources.

It’s CHILI SZN! Whether you’re gathering around the TV for the big game, or cozying up on a crisp fall night – ’tis the season to get Chili!

Fewer things are better than the fall in Michigan. Rich autumn colors, crisp air, and festivities galore! Take a look at some local activities to make the most of the autumn solstice!

Top Football Games

Michigan State University

  • Sept. 16 vs Washington
  • Sept. 30 @ Iowa
  • Oct. 21 vs U of M
  • Nov. 11 @ Ohio State
  • Nov. 24 vs Penn State

University of Michigan

  • Sept. 30 @ Nebraska
  • Oct. 21 @ MSU
  • Nov. 11 @ Penn State
  • Nov. 18 @ Maryland
  • Nov. 25 vs Ohio State
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