Spring in West Michigan is the perfect time to spruce up your home after the dreary winter weather! Not only can winter dampen our moods, but it can also take a toll on our homes. We’ve shared tips to mark off your spring cleaning to-do list to help keep your home maintained. After all, your home is likely one of your biggest assets, so it’s important to take care of it!

Clean Your Gutters

Whether you hire a reliable company or safely access your gutters, clearing out the debris is crucial to prepare for any spring and summer rain. After fall and winter, your gutters may be filled with leaves, pine needles, or branches from trees. Cleaning your gutters can ensure proper rain flow and prevent heavy rain backups around your home’s foundation.

Check Your Roof

Cruel winters can be devastating to a home and especially to a roof. While you or a company are cleaning gutters, it wouldn’t hurt to also check your roof. Look for any evidence of ice/water damage, debris, or missing/damaged shingles. Your roof protects your home and should be properly maintained.

Inspect Seals Around Windows and Doors

Feeling a little drafty or notice any gaps around your window’s exterior flashing? It may be time to touch up the caulk around your windows to prevent any water damage behind the window/siding. This is also a great time to update any damaged or worn weather stripping on your doors and windows.

Clean Exterior/Interior Window Glass and Sills

Give those windows a cleaning and let the spring sun shine! Wind, snow, and rain can leave a build-up of dirt and dust on our windows and on the window sills. Windows sills are especially susceptible to mold and should be cleaned regularly to prevent any further problems. Pro-tip: vacuum your window sills with the hose attachment before giving them a scrub. This makes it easier to remove any dry dirt or bugs (ew!) before using your favorite cleaning products to finish the job. 

Test Smoke Detectors

While you’re spring cleaning, don’t forget to test your smoke detectors and replace batteries. Functional smoke detectors are a must-have to keep you and your family protected.

Service Your Air Conditioner

Central air conditioning units live in the elements during every type of Michigan weather. As your unit ages, it may need a little more maintenance. While you may not need this every year, hire a professional to have your AC unit serviced to ensure proper airflow and refrigeration. Another great way to extend your AC unit’s life and increase your home’s air quality is by regularly checking and changing your HVAC filter.

Bonus To-Dos

Feeling inspired to go for more? Here are a few extra cleaning projects to keep your home looking and feeling great!

  • Power wash your siding and deck
  • Shampoo your carpets
  • Deep clean your garbage disposal
TikTok Has Your Cleaning Hack

Clean your baseboards, cabinets, walls, and more with this TikTok hack and have your house smelling Spring Clean!

  • Swap out rags and sponges for a mop and bucket to cover more surface area
  • Mix ½ tbs. powdered laundry detergent, ½ tbs. fabric softener and HOT, HOT water
  • Dip your mop, run along baseboards, walls, cabinets, etc.
  • Clean away, take deep breaths, and get ready to tackle spring with a fresh start

Have other spring cleaning tips you’d love to share? Let us know! 

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