Have you heard about Debit Card Round Up? It’s the free tool that helps you save as you spend! The best part? It’s automatic, so there’s no guesswork or manual transfers required from you! Each purchase you make using your debit card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. Then, the “change” is automatically transferred into your savings account. Below are eight ways you can use Debit Card Round Up to start saving today!

Emergency Fund

This is a no brainer for anyone who struggles to save or doesn’t think much about saving! Not everyone is naturally a saver, but this tool will help you save money for a rainy day.

When you have an emergency fund, you lessen the stress that comes with unexpected expenses. For example, my husband and I recently had to purchase a new washer and dryer because our current appliances died. This could have been stressful if we had not set aside money for this type of purchase. Surely, Debit Card Round Up won’t buy you a washer and dryer overnight, but it can be the catalyst to empower your saving abilities!

Mini Vacation

Plan a getaway and use your Debit Card Round Up savings to help pay for the adventure! The longer you save, the greater the trip.

Holiday Fund

We all feel the strain on our wallets around the holidays. We know it happens, yet every year it can feel stressful. With Debit Card Round Up, I no longer stress about having extra money for holiday gifts.

A Graduation Fund

This goal will take time but hear me out. In 9 months, we saved close to $500 with Debit Card Round Up. For the sake of easy math, that’s around $600 in a year. One option is to open a secondary savings account for Debit Card Round Up transfers and not touch the money until your child turns 18. Did you do the math? Yeah, that’s $10,800 when starting at birth – a pretty nice college starter fund without even thinking about saving.

Vet Bills or Pet Supplies

Buying the bulk supply of monthly preventatives can be pricey. With Debit Card Round Up, you can purchase these items with a little less shock to your account. Or, save the money for when the inevitable vet trip occurs.

Oil Changes

Owning a car is full of expenses; some are more planned than others. Debit Card Round Up can help provide the funds you need every time an oil change comes around.

Annual Summer Camp Fees

Do your kids love summer camp? Of course, they do! However, sometimes going to camp can be expensive. With Debit Card Round Up, you can save automatically all year and be ready by the time sign-ups roll around.

Auto/Home Insurance

Rather than having a monthly bill, use your Debit Card Round Up savings to pay for your annual home or auto insurance premium. You may even save more money by paying in full!

These are just a handful of options when it comes to saving with Debit Card Round Up! How will you use your Round Up savings? Enroll today and take the guesswork out of saving!

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