An improved Online Banking Platform is here!

We’re excited to announce the new It’s Me 247 Online Banking coming August 11!

The new It’s Me 247 Online Banking was created with you in mind; allowing for customizable settings and easy to use favorite features. It will work seamlessly on any device – Desktop PC, Tablet, or Phone – much like our mobile app!

Better Than Ever Before

We can’t wait for you to see all the new settings and easy to use features like:

  • Uniformed navigation across all your devices – Desktop PC, Tablet, or Phone – much like our mobile app
  • Arrange your accounts to display in your preferred order
  • Customize your favorite features like ACH Transactions, Bill Pay, and more
  • Easily search for a transaction you’ve made by dollar amount, description, etc.
  • Upload a personalized profile picture

The new Online Banking will make banking on your own time even easier. Not enrolled in Online Banking? Follow these instructions or contact us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your login information will not change. If you need help resetting your username or password, please contact us.

Yes.  If you have the old bookmarked, you will want to remove that from your devices as this will no longer work. On August 11, visit our website directly for the new login link!

The new online banking allows for more customization and ease of access.

  • Favorite accounts – Which accounts you want to see front and center when you log in.
  • Favorite features – Features you want to see along with your favorite accounts, like quick transfer, eStatements, and bill pay.
  • Messaging – You’ll find scrolling ads that pop up to alert you about messages you’ve received, documents ready for eSignature, password change reminders, and offers. 
  • Pending ACH deposits– If you have a pending deposit, you will see a clickable pop-up letting you know you have a pending ACH transaction with the option to deposit early!
  • Upload your profile pic– All personal info has been grouped under the new Profile menu, which can be customized with an uploaded picture. Especially nice if you jump between accounts – each membership can have a different profile pic!
  • Search transaction history – When viewing Account Details there is a new “search transactions” box where you can enter an amount, part of the transaction description, a check #, or any other text that appears in the transaction list to find all matching items. An “Advanced” button also lets you choose from a list of common transaction types or specify a dollar amount range.

No. Member-specific color themes and picture albums are not included in the new look. However, members can personalize the site using the “Favorite Accounts” and “Favorite Features” settings on the main page (click the little gear icon next to each). You can also upload a personalized image to appear in the Profile menu (upper-right corner of the screen).

Access to personal information and other settings are now available by clicking the new profile button in the upper-right corner of the screen. These are the features included here:

  • Message Center
  • eAlert Subscriptions
  • Personal Information (address, phone, email)
  • Contact Preferences
  • Change Username
  • Change Password
  • Change Security Questions
  • Login History
  • Password Change History

These are now listed automatically at the top of the account details page, above the actual posted transactions. So from the home page, just click the account you want and choose Account Details.

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