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The Benefits Of Mortgages From Credit Unions

Community West offers a range of mortgage services to help our members get into their first home or upgrade to a dream property. Find out more about the benefits of mortgages from Community West below.

Work With The People You Know

If you’re already a member of Community West, a mortgage loan with us lets you put your trust in staff you already know. Plus, when you have a question about your mortgage, you know exactly who to call or where to go for answers.

Our Mortgage Products

We help you reach your financial and property ownership goals with a range of mortgage products. Community West offers traditional fixed-rate mortgages over terms between 10 and 30 years, letting you customize monthly payments to meet your family’s budget. You can also access other benefits, including varying terms, great rates, and low down payment options to make buying your new home easier.

Looking to lower your mortgage interest rate, adjust your current term, or reduce your monthly payment? A mortgage refinance with Community West may help. Apply for a 10, 15, 20, or 30-year term refinance to adjust your mortgage to meet your current financial wants or needs.

Another refinancing option is our Mortgage Retirement Loan, designed to help you pay off debt in ten years or less. Retire your mortgage with a ten-year term and get a head start on financial security or independence. You’ll work with our mortgage specialists to refinance your home by essentially paying off your current mortgage and moving into a new mortgage that meets your current goals.

We also offer a budget-minded solution to buy your next home. It’s our zero down mortgage with no PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)! No money down means you have the flexibility to buy a home without cash. Plus, you’ll save each month by avoiding PMI! The zero down, no PMI mortgage is a great option for first-time home buyers with limited cash looking to buy a home and begin building equity.

If you already own a home and want to make use of any equity you’ve built, we also provide home equity loans. These types of mortgages from our credit union let you leverage the value of your home to cover a large expense or make improvements to the property to bring up its value or enhance your quality of life.

Why Choose Community West Credit Union

Our full range of mortgage products makes it easy for you to finance your home or take steps toward financial freedom. Whether you’re an existing member or new to Community West, you’ll enjoy the benefits of friendly, professional staff and work with real people whenever you have a question or concern.

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We make it easy to get started with the mortgage process. Complete our online application, call us at 616-261-5657, or visit one of our six branches.

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