Grow Your Money for Your Golden Years

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) are a great way to save for your future! Community West offers multiple options to help you achieve your goals.

Select which IRA fits your needs and start saving today!

Traditional IRA: Invest tax-free when you put money in and pay the taxes when you withdraw the money in retirement.

Roth IRA: You pay the taxes up front and cash withdrawals are free.

IRA CD’s:  Consistent savings option with a guaranteed rate of return.

Coverdell Educational IRA: Deposits grow tax-free until distributed for certain education expenses.

If you are interested in opening an IRA chat with one of our experts today!

Rates effective as of today.

IRA Savings 0.20% APR 0.20% APY

Dividends are paid quarterly on the above products.
APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates Subject to Change

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Savings Calculator

How much will my savings be worth?

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