eStatements/eNotices are a timely and secure way to monitor your account.

Receive eStatements four to six days quicker than mail.

Receive a monthly reminder email when your statement is available

Access 18 months of statements at any time through online banking

You can download your transactions into your money management software (.csv file)

Follow these steps to get started today!

  1. To enroll in eStatements, simply log into online banking and hover over the eStatement button and select “Enroll Now!”
  2. Click the button next to “I would like to receive my statement electronically” and enter the email address you would like us to use.
  3. Click “Accept”
  4. Need help? Contact us

To access your eStatement, you must log into your online banking. This step is what keeps your statement much more secure than your home mailbox. To view our tutorials visit our video library.

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